Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (Exit) Knarr (NO/SE/DK/PL/US)

Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (Exit) Knarr (NO/SE/DK/PL/US)

Ingebrigt Håker Flaten (NO) – acoustic bass, compositions
Mette Rasmussen (DK) – alto saxophone
Karl Hjalmar Nyberg (SE) – tenor and soprano saxophone
Jonathan F. Horne(US)  – electric guitar
Marta Warelis (PL) – piano, keyboards
Olaf Moses Olsen (NO) – drums

Knarr is the new multi-international outfit led by Ingebrigt Haker Flaten with a musical plethora that draws from the Norwegian bassist’s extensive background across different genres and traditions built up over a long career. Clearly something sparked putting the Vossa Jazz project together, and those of us who knew and had followed Håker Flaten for over three decades as a one of the finest musicians working within (and often far beyond) the field of jazz and improvised music could hear that something special has happened. Knarr was clearly the perfect vehicle for Håker Flaten to bring years of experience in music into something special. And, like the best bandleaders it’s not about having great musicians come together in order to make you look good, it’s about creating a space to bring out the best in them, to know which musicians to combine, and to give them a platform to create music that has not been heard before. Judging from the sheer musical joy on “Breezy” there are probably few bands in 2024 as enjoyable to be part of as Knarr.

(Exit) Knarr started as a commissioned work by the Vossa Jazz festival and was premiered at Vossa Jazz, Sept 26th 2021. The debut album was released Sept 24th 2021 on ODIN Records. Their second album ‘Breezy’ will be released Sept 27, 2024 on Ingebrigt’s own imprint Sonic Transmissions Records.

(Booking : Malwina Witkowska /

What the press said about their debut album :

“Over time, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten has probably become the Norwegian performer on the ‘ox fiddle’ who has made the biggest impression in international jazz since, Arild Andersen.”– 5.5 out of 6 in Klassekampen / Chris Monsen

“Flaten, perhaps the most influential bassist in Norway in recent decades, has also wisely chosen a great, young band in the back to sum up his first fifty years on planet jazz.”– Morgenbladet / Andy Woltmann

“A maturity has entered Ingebrigt Håker Flaten’s music. A bigger perspective perhaps! As if the fifty-year-old has absorbed everything he has been involved in and now he lets (Exit) Knarr enjoy it.”– 5 of 6 in Aftenposten / Arild R. Andersen

“Rasmussen turns her soul inside out in the tribute to Mexico City, ‘Chaos Pad’ before the album ends collectively ‘krautrocking’ with praise to Amsterdam, ‘Museumplein’. The ending is a fanfare for a musician who has never been afraid to take chances and bet on what he believes in.”– Dag og Tid / Lars Mossefinn

“It highlights Håker Flaten’s role as a natural leader, with a powerful sound of his own, the wisdom to hold it all together, to make it swing and rock, and most of all, to inspire us to make our world more passionate and more compassionate, more harmonious. Great album by one of the great ones.”– Salt Peanuts/Eyal Hareuveni

“It is soulful and cinematic, intense when needed, and always with Flaten’s humble rumble as the sonic and heartfelt center of the music. Listening to these different but recognizable sounds seen in an autobiographical context is simply touching.”– Filip Roshauw / Now’s The Time, Jazznytt

“(Exit) Knarr” shows off the undeniably strong skill of Ingebrigt Håker Flaten in crafting a literal journey through the world all without needing to say a single word.” “Ingebrigt Håker Flaten has an absolute blast on “(Exit) Knarr” and it shows.”– Beach Sloth

“All in all, a really exciting work from the jazz / experimental jazz area that allows itself to be very catchy without giving up craziness. With all the weirdness and possibly also improvisation – all in all, this is extremely perfect and disciplined, which together with the excellent sound leads to a listening pleasure of a different kind.” – Musik an sich