Trondheim to Oppdal to celebrate the first Christmas

After more or less 4 months on the road, after crossing several continents, countries, back to back tours, festivals, recordings and loads of inspiring musical moments, I’m happy to say I’m on the buss from Trondheim to Oppdal to celebrate the first Christmas in about 15 years in my hometown with my dear mother and sister, feeling a bit like STOMPERUD if you know what I mean?

But before the holidays set in with full force I am going to play ONE more concert, my last chance to play music in front of a crowd in 2018! This will be going down at the Oppdal Church on Thursday night together with a small group of amazing local musicians where we will be interpreting hymns and folk songs. Many of these hymns were coming out from our village and I arranged and collected them on an album last year called Village Songs ‘Den Signede Dag’, it’s been one of my dearest projects over the last years, and a release I’m very proud of!

Thanks to Gunvor Fagerhaug for being the main inspiration and voice behind this and for again putting us together to pay some respect to this enormously rich tradition coming from the place I was born and raised.