Accompanying my mother

The pandemic brought me home to Oppdal last year where I was able to spend more than 4 months living together with my dear old mother at the farm I was born and raised, before moving on to Trondheim. This time is something I will value for the rest of my life. My mother has always been singing (she was a lead singer in the church for more than 40 years), I was also reminded of her amazing ability of reciting all the 54 verses of Henrik Ibsens famous poem ‘Terje Vigen’ by heart. So with the help of Juliane Schütz we finally got to videotape this in December of last year, and the video – with my improvising bass as an accompany – is now published through the local newspaper in Oppdal together with an interview. For those of you who can read norsk and have a subscription you can read the article here, where my mother talks about her upbringing in Dombås, how she met my father and why they ended up at the farm in Oppdal :ør-Åse-91-ta-alle-54-versene-av-Terje-Vigen-på-rams-24384178.ece