IHF / Joe McPhee Duo live at The Stone/NYC (2011)

The Thing with Barry Guy live in Vilnius (2011)

IHF / Håkon Kornstad Duo at Zomer Jazz Fiets Tour, Groningen (2011)

The Thing with Neneh Cherry live at San Sebastian Jazzfestival (2012)

The Thing with Neneh Cherry ‘Cashback’ live at Nickelsdorf / Konfrontationen (2012)

The Thing with Neneh Cherry ‘Golden heart’ live at Melkweg/Amsterdam (2012)

The Thing XXL live at Jazz Em Agosto (2013) :

IHF Solo, No Idea Fest, Austin (2015)

IHF Village Songs (Trio) ‘Saligheten Er Oss Nœr’, Pilgrimsdagene, Oppdal (2014)

IHF Chicago Sextet, Studio 6 – National TV, Beograd (2014)

IHF Solo ‘Tribute to Ingemar Bergman’, Vortex Theater, Austin (2014)

IHF / Daniel Levin Duo, JACK, Brooklyn (2015)

IHF / Pasqual Niggenkemper Duo, JACK, Brooklyn (2015)

IHF / Tony Malaby / Gerald Clever Trio, JACK, Brooklyn (2015)

The Thing play for kids at The Austin Discovery School (2015)

The Thing ‘Viking and Red River’

IHF with Michiyo Yagi and Tamaya Honda, Copenhagen Jazzhouse (2016)

The Young Mothers ‘Virgoan Ways’

The Young Mothers ‘Wells’

The Thing ‘red River’ live at Skopje Jazz Festival (2016)

The Thing with Joe McPhee and Cato Salsa Experience live at Kongsberg Jazzfestival (2017)

The Young Mothers – February 18th, 2012 @ MECA, Houston TX from Nada Brahma Media on Vimeo.


Ingebrigt Håker Flaten & Håkon Kornstad

Eg veit i himmelrik ei borg (live)



Ingebrigt Håker Flaten Chicago Sextet


 The Thing Nov. 2011, Stavanger, Norway


The Thing & Joe McPhee, 4 Dec 2010, Amsterdam