Atomic’s new album ‘Six Easy Pieces’ (CD + LP with double bonus live material from Japan) out on Odin Records in February. Come see us live!
February 16th – Fasching Jazzclub, Stockholm
February 17th – Bergen Jazzforum
February 18th – Oppdal Kulturhus
February 19th – Jazz i Malmø



I’m very honored to’ve been portrayed on German Radio/BR Klassik’s ‘Jazztime’ in an interview by Sirius W. Palzzad. He is playing music from a variaty of my bands and collaborations (in order of apparence: The Young Mothers, Atomic, IHF ‘Oslo’ Kvintett, IHF/Håkon Kornstad Duo, The Cherry Thing, Jason Adasiewicz’s Sun Rooms, IHF/Nate Wooley/Joe Morris/Joe McPhee Quartet,  and my Chicago Quintet). The program was aired back on Nov. 20th 2014 and you can check it out here :