Ingebrigt Håker Flaten ‘Time Machine’ (new solo project)


While I am first and foremost an ensemble player, 2003 saw the release of my first solo effort on double bass. Released through the Norwegian label Sofa, ”Double Bass” afforded me the opportunity to realize how much I enjoy the challenges and rewards of working solo. In the years following the release of my first solo release I’ve begun to also work more and more with my electric bass and assorted pedals- both in solo and ensemble contexts and in 2012 i  released a solo electric recording (BIRDS) going back to 2007, and a solo acoustic recording (STEEL), live from Bucharest 2008, on my own label Tektite Records Co.Operative. I’m now working on a double release on Self Sabotage Records that will feature my latest solo project ‘Time Machine’ and a bonus CD «GUTS» .

“On Steel, Flaten combines technical facality with depth of expression in a manner that recalls past masters like Paul Chambers, Wilbur Ware, Charlie Haden, and Malachi Favors. His attack can turn percussive, whether he’s playing pizzicato or arco. At other times, his lines have a vocalized quality. And he’s a master of bowed harmonics that can make his bass sound like a reed instrument or a whole string section, even without electronic augmention. On Birds, Flaten employs an arsenal of electronic effects to make his bass sound like Japanese flutes, a Hendrixoid guitar or an angry insect. The music unfolds episodically, recalling the 60’s and 70’s masterworks of Stockhausen, Takehisa Kosugi, and Richard Pinhas.”  – The Stash Dauber

More inför on my first solo release on Sofa :